EIDL Additional Information Requested

Welcome Notice and Request For Additional Information
Applicant Name:
Loan Number-
Dear Applicant:
My name is (______________and I have been assigned as your SBA Loan Specialist. Please answer all questions listed below. Complete the attached form(s) and provide any required document(s), not yet remitted at this time to complete your application.  Please return this information via email to the email address listed below.
  1. How has the business impacted by the COVID-19 disaster?
  2. Have you received funds from any other agencies regarding the COVID-19 disaster?
  3. Is your business a franchise?
    1. If so, has your franchise been registered with the SBA?
  4. Are the Contents owned by the Business?
  5. What loan amount are you requesting?
  6. How long will it take your business to return to normalcy?
  7. What is the start date of your business?
  8. Please list all owner(s) and titles that make up 100% of the business ownership:
  9. If your business is a corporation, please forward me who signs as:
    1. President
    2. Secretary
  1. If your business entity is an LLC:
    1. Managing Member
    2. Member Managed
                   i.      Please list all members
Documents Required
Please complete and return all documents listed below:
  • Most recent tax return with all schedules (if available)
  • f3502 (attached below,  please complete and send back quickly)
LLE/LLC/LLP – Provide Articles of Organization/certificate of formation (if applicable); Operating Agreement.
Once information has been received, I will contact you within 24-48 hours of receipt. If you should have any questions or concerns my contact email and phone numbers are listed below. Thank for allowing the SBA the opportunity to serve you.
Best regards,

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