Contractor Financing (billd)

Won a Large Construction Bid but Do Not Have Enough $’s to Handle it?

We have a quick affordable Financing Solution.

We have partnered with Billd which will provide 120-day terms on material purchases for commercial jobs.


ABC Construction has a job with DEF RealĀ  Estate Management for $150,000 with material cost of $100,000 from XYZ Supply

Billd will pay Supplier A $100,000 on the spot. ABC negotiates a discount for paying XYZ upfront.

DEF pays ABC $150,000 in 60 days.

ABC pays Billd the following fee:

2% purchase fee on the $100,000 =$2,000

$500 per week for 60 days =$4,000

Billd charge is $6,000 which should be reduced by the $2,000 cash discount for cash discount provided by supplier…Net Cost to ABC $4,000

Total Project Revenue $150,000

Financing Cost $4,000

Financing 2.6%

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